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Powersport Batteries

Use the product filters to narrow down battery choices. We stock original Yuasa batteries, Premium quality HardDrive AGM batteries for Harley Davidson, Fire Power economically priced AGM batteries and high quality Featherweight Lithium batteries.

Factory Activated Filled: The battery comes filled, sealed and charged. A top-up charge is always needed before use.
Factory Activated Unfilled: The battery is factory dry-charged and comes with separate pre-measured acid pack. It needs to be filled and top-up charged before use. Dry batteries have a very long shelf-life, meaning the battery starts its life cycle when filled.

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Some general battery information: Broadly speaking, there are three types of batteries...

Conventional (wet) lead acid batteries consist of a series of cells with electrically charged lead plates. Sulfuric acid solution is added to each cell where electrolytes react with the lead plates & generate electric charge. Conventional batteries cost less but usually require maintenance, are less efficient under cold temperatures, and have a relative high rate of self-discharge.

AGM (absorbed glass mat) have glass fiber mats between the lead plates to absorb & store the electrolyte solution. Most are factory filled and sealed but some come with an acid pack and need to be filled before use (and sealed). Slightly more expensive with a slower self-discharge rate, they do not require any maintenance (topping off) and handle cold temperatures much better.

Lithium batteries are extremely lightweight & more expensive, but they outperform AGM in many ways. With a very slow self-discharge rate they mostly have no need to be kept on a trickle charger.* They can be mounted anywhere in any position, handle temperature changes well, and have higher cold cranking rates. *IMPORTANT: A specialty lithium charger is best for charging lithium batteries but not required. Lithium batteries CANNOT be re-charged with low amp trickle chargers and should NEVER be connected to de-sulfating mode chargers. A steady voltage and 3 to 5 amp charger is needed to recharge a powersport lithium battery.