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Brake Pads EBC FA158HH Sintered

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    EBC Brakes FA158HH

    FA series with HH suffix, EBC’s American-made ultra high friction Double-H™ sintered copper alloy brake pads for maximum stopping power and lifetime. With stainless steel radiator plates to reduce heat transfer and double compact for wider pads.

    Brake pads for Kawasaki, Suzuki, Husaberg, Vertemati, AP/Lockheed, Motomaster, Pre Tech, and Pro-One.

    For fitment & additional information, please see the Bike Fitment Tab

    EBC Brakes FA158HH

    Fitment for:

    ZX 600 D1-D4 (ZX6) 90-93 F
    ZX 600 E1-E13 (Ninja ZX6) 93-05 F
    ZX6R (ZX 600 F1/F2/F3) 94-97 F
    ZXR 750 HI/H2/J1/J2/L1-L3 ‘Ninja’ ZX-7 89-95 F
    ZX 750 K1/K2/M1/M2 Ninja ZX- 7R 91-95 F
    ZX9R B1/B2 Ninja 94-95 F
    KLZ 1000 BFF/BFFAS/BGF/BGFAS/BHF - Versys 15-17 F
    KLZ 1000 BJF - Versys LT 18-21 F
    KLZ 1000 BJF - Versys SE LT 18-21 F
    ZX 1100 C1-C4/D1-D9 (ZX11) 90-01 F
    ZR 1100 A1/A2/A3/A4 Zephyr 92-95 F
    ZZR 1200 (ZX 1200 C1/C2/C3) 02-04 F
    VN 1700 Vulcan Voyager 09 F
    VN 1700 A9FA/AAF/ABF/ACF/ADFVulcan 1700 Voyager 09-13 F
    VN 1700 B9FA/BAF/BBF/BCF/BDF/BEF/BFF/BGF/BHF Vulcan 1700 Voyager ABS 09-22 F
    VN 1700 Voyager Vaquero JBF/JBFA/JCF/JCFA/JDF 11-13 F
    VN 1700 KEF/KFF/KFG Voyager Vaquero ABS 14-22 F
    VN 1700 KEFA Voyager Vaquero ABS SE 14 F
    VN 2000 A1/A2/A6F/A7F/G8F/G9F Vulcan 04-09 F
    VN 2000 D1/D6F Vulcan Ltd 05-06 F
    VN 2000 E6F/E7F/H8F/H9F Vulcan Classic 06-09 F
    VN 2000 F6F/F7F/J8F/J9F/JAFVulcan Classic LT 06-10 F

    GSXR 600 V/W/X/Y/K1/K2/K3/ZK3 97-03 F
    GSX 650 FK8/FK9 08-10 F
    GSXR 750 Y/K1/K2/K3 00-03 F
    SV 1000 K3-K5/SK3-SK7 03-07 F
    TL 1000 SV/SW/SX/SY/SK1 97-01 F
    GSF 1250 SAK7/SAK8/SAK9 (ABS) 07-11 F
    GSF 1250 SK7/SK8/SK9 Bandit 07-11 F
    GSX 1250 FAL1/FAL2 11-12 F
    GSX 1250 SAL6 16 F

    All supermotard models 00-03 F

    S 450/501/570 E (Super Motard) 03-04 F
    SR 450/SR 600 Motard Racing 03-04 F

    4 Piston (Old Design)

    4 Piston

    4 Piston (P402) Lockheed Replacement Caliper

    4 Piston

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