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Brake Pads EBC FA229V Semi Sintered

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    EBC Brakes FA229V

    "V" series pads are excellent for use in larger, heavier applications where long life may be an issue. New semi-sintered construction containing 30% copper by weight built within an organic matrix.

    Brake pads for Kawasaki and Suzuki.

    For fitment & additional information, please see the Bike Fitment Tab

    EBC Brakes FA229V

    Fitment for:

    ER 650 C9F/CAF ER-6N 09-10F (Left)
    EX 650 Ninja 650 R A6F-A8F/C9F/CAF 06-10F (Left)
    EX 650 Ninja (EX 650 ECF/EDS/EEF/EFF/EGF) (Non ABS) 12-15F (Left)
    EX 650 Ninja (EX 650 FDS/FEF/FFF/FGF) (ABS Model) 13-15F (Left)
    EX650 R (EX 650 CBF) 11F (Left)
    KLE 650 A7F/A8F/A9F/CAF/CBF/CCF/CDF/CEF Versys 07-14F (Left)
    KLE 650 DEF Versys (ABS Model) 14F (Left)
    ZR 750 F2 (ZR-7) 00F (Left)
    ZR7-S (ZR 750 H1/H2/H3/H4/H5) 01-05F (Left)
    Z 750 S (ZR 750 K1/K6F) 05-06F (Left)
    VN 800 B1-B10 96-05 F
    VN 800 Drifter C1/C2/E1-E5/E6F 99-06 F
    VN 900 Vulcan Classic LT 06-22 F
    VN 900 Vulcan Classic 06-22 F
    VN 900 C (Cast Wheels) 07-22 F
    KZ 1000 P21-P22/P24 02-03/05F (Left)
    Ninja H2 SX (ZX 1002 AJF) 18-21 R
    Ninja H2 SX SE (ZX 1002 BJF) 18-21 R
    Ninja H2 SX SE+ (ZX 1002 DKF) 19-21 R
    Z H2 20-21 R
    Z H2 SE 20-21 R
    GPZ 1100 (ZX 1100 E1/E2/E3) 95-97F (Left)
    ZR 1100 B1 Zephyr 96F (Left)
    VN 1500 G1/G1A/G2A/G3 Nomad 99-02F (Left)
    VN 1500 Drifter J1/J2/R1/R2/R3/R4/R5 99-05 F
    VN 1500 D1/D2/E1-E7 Vulcan Classic 96-04 F
    VN 1500 N1-N3 Vulcan Classic Fi/L2-L5 Nomad Fi 00-05F (Left)
    VN 1500 N4/N6F/N7F/N8F/N8FA
    Vulcan 1500 Classic 05-08 F
    VN 1600 A1/A2/A3/A6F/A7F/A7FA/A8F/A8FA Vulcan Classic 03-08F (Left)
    VN 1600 D1 Nomad D6F/D7F/D7FA/D8F/D8FA 05-08F (Left)
    Vulcan 1700 Nomad 09-13F (Left)
    VN 1700 C9FA Vulcan 1700 Nomad 2T 09F (Left)
    VN 1700 E9F/EAF/EBF Vulcan 1800 Classic 09-12F (Left)
    VN 1700 G9F/GAF Vulcan 1700 Classic LT 09-11F (Left)

    TU 250 XK9/XL1/XL2/XL3/XL4/XL5/XL6 09-16 F
    GSF 600 SY/SK1/SK2/SK3/AL1 00-03F (Left)
    GSX 600 FW/FX/FY/FK1-FK6 Katana 98-06F (Left)
    DL 650 K4/K5/K6/K7/K8/K9 V-Strom 04-09F (Left)
    DL 650 V-Strom ABS 07-22F (Left)
    DL 650 XT ABS 15-22F (Left)
    DL 650 V-Strom Adventure ABS 12-22F (Left)
    DL 650 V-Strom XT Touring 18-22F (Left)
    SFV 650 K9/L3/L4 09-10/13-14F (Left)
    SV 650 X/Y/K1/SK1-SK9/K2-K8/
    SF8/SF9/SFL0 99-10F (Left)
    SV 650 AK7/AK8/K7-K9/L0 ABS 07-10F (Left)
    SV 650 ABS 16-21F (Left)
    SV 650 SAK7-SAK9/SFA8/SFA9/SFL0 ABS 07-10F (Left)
    GSR 750 L5/L6 (Non ABS) 15-16F (Left)
    GSR 750 AL5/AL6 (ABS) 15-16F (Left)
    GSX 750 FW/FX/FY/FK1-FK6/K6/SK6 98-06F (Left)
    GSX-S 750 L5/L6/L7/L8 15-18F (Left)
    GSX-S 750 ZL5/ZL6/ZL7/ZL8 15-18F (Left)
    DL 1000 K2-K9/L2 V-Strom 02-12F (Left)
    DL 1000 AL2 V-Strom Adventure 12F (Left)
    VL 1500 K2/K3/K4 02-03F (Left)
    VL 1500 BK5/BK6/K5-K9/TK5-TK9 Boulevard C90/C90T 05-10F (Left)
    VZ 1500 K9/L3-L5 M90 Boulevard 09/13-15F (Left)

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