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HiFlo Oil Filter HF111 Honda

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    SKU: FOHF0111 HiFlo Oil Filter HF111 Honda

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    HIFLO FILTRO Oil Filter HF111 for Honda CB250, CB400, CB450, GL500, GL650

    • Provides unbeatable performance and exceptional value, Hiflo filters are the best-selling brand of aftermarket filters for motorcycles worldwide
    • To achieve our high quality and to ensure the consistency of our products, we use only premium raw materials from well known manufacturers
    • Every Oil Filter goes through 16 individual quality control checks before it is ready to leave the factory

    For full fitment list, please see the Fitment Tab

    HIFLO FILTRO Oil filter HF111

    Honda ATV
    TRX400 FA Fourtrax Rancher AT 04-07
    TRX400 FGA Fourtrax Rancher AT GPScape 04-07
    TRX500 FA Fourtrax Foreman Rubicon 00-14
    TRX500 FGA Fourtrax Foreman Rubicon GPScape 04-08
    TRX500 FPA Fourtrax Foreman Rubicon GPScape with EPS 09-14
    TRX650 FA Fourtrax Rincon 03-05
    TRX650 FGA Fourtrax Rincon GPScape 04-05
    TRX680 FA-6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,J,K,L Fourtrax Rincon 06-20
    TRX680 FA Fourtrax Rincon 21
    TRX680 FA Fourtrax Rincon 22
    TRX680 FA Fourtrax Rincon 23
    TRX680 FGA-6,7,8,9,A Fourtrax Rincon GPScape 06-10

    Honda Motorcycle
    CB250 N,NA,T 78-82
    CB250 NDX-B,NB 78-82
    CB250 NB,NDX-B Super Dream 81-85
    CB250 RSA MD02 80-83
    CB250 RSD-C,L 82-84
    CBR250 FG,FG-YA (Japan) Japan
    CBR250 RH (Japan) Japan
    CBR250 RJ,RK,RK-2 (Japan) Japan
    CBR250 RR-L,N (Japan) Japan
    CBR250 RR-R,R-2 (Japan) Japan
    CM250 TB Custom 81-85
    VT250 FD,FE,FG 83-87
    VT250 FE,ZE,FF-YA,F2F,FJ Integra (Japan) Japan86-88
    VT250 FG,FG-YA, (Japan) Japan
    VT250 F2H,H,H2,J,K (Japan) Japan
    VT250 FL Spada 89-90
    VTR250 88-90
    VTR250 PGM-Fi 09
    CB350 SG,SJ 86-89
    CB400 T,AT 78-79
    CB400 A Hondamatic 78-83
    CB400 N,NA Super Dream 78-80
    CB400 NB,NC,ND 81-84
    CB400 T,T1,T2 Hawk 78-81
    CB400 LC (Japan) Japan
    CBR400 FE,F2E,F2E-YA (Japan) Japan
    CBR400 FF,F2F,F2F-YA (Japan) Japan
    CBX400 F 83-86
    CM400 T,A Chopper NC01 79-80
    CM400 T-B,C,D Chopper NC01 81-83
    CX400 EC 82-84
    CB450 SG (27 PS)PC17 86-88
    CB450 SG (44 PS)PC17 86-88
    CB450 DXK 89-92
    CB450 NF PC14 85
    CM450 A,E,C Custom 82-83
    CMX450 C Rebel (USA) USA86-87
    CX 500 Z,A,B 78-84
    CX 500 CB Custom 81-84
    CX 500 EC Eurosport PC06 82-84
    CX 500 TC Turbo PC03 82-83
    GL500 Silver Wing PC02 81-82
    GL500 I Interstate 81-82
    CBX550 FC,F2,F2C PC04 82-85
    CBX550 FD,F2D PC04 81-86
    CX650 C CustomRC11 83
    CX650 TC-D TurboRC16 83-86
    CX650 ED EurosportRC12 83-86
    GL650 Silver WingRC10 83-86
    Honda Side X Side
    MUV700 Big Red 12-13
    SXS700 M2,M2D,M4,M4D Pioneer 700 14-20
    SXS700 M2,M2D,M4,M4D Pioneer 700 21-22
    SXS700 M2,M2D,M4,M4D Pioneer 700 23

    Replaces OEM numbers:

    Honda 15412-413-000
    Honda 15412-413-005
    Honda 15412-KEA-003
    Honda 15412-KK9-911
    Honda 154A1-413-000
    Honda 154A1-MA6-000

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