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Xena XX10 Yellow Alarmed Brake Disc Lock

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    SKU: DLXX10Y Xena XX10 Yellow Alarmed Brake Disc Lock

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    Xena XX10Y Yellow
    Ultra High Security - High-grade steel mono-block construction with piercing 120dB alarm.

    The main difference between XX14 and XX10 is the 10mm locking pin size. Some brake rotors will not have openings large enough for the 14mm (XX14) pin to pass. An extremely strong lock body and piercing alarm make the high-performance XX10 a remarkably effective way to protect your motorbike. To know if this lock will fit your motorcycle, measure the distance from the edge of the brake disc to the first available opening large enough to accept a 10mm (3/8") pin. This can be in the mid section of the rotor.

    Lock: Featuring a sport and street bike-oriented fit profile with 10mm double-locking, high nickel-content stainless-steel mono-block construction, carbide-reinforced hardened-steel locking pin and pick-proof, freeze-spray proof key and barrel.
    Alarm: Shock & motion sensors trigger a piercing 120dB anti-theft alarm powered by a single CR2 Lithium battery. Self-arming, with no on-off switch, re-sets to armed mode within 15 seconds.

    Optional bright colored reminder cord available.

    Lock features

    • 10mm - 3/8" Carbide-Reinforced Pin
    • Double-Locking System
    • Maximum Security Key & Barrel
    • Total Corrosion Resistance
    • Ice Spray-Proof Body & Key Barrel
    • Ultra-High Strength

    Alarm Features

    • 120dB Alarm
    • Auto Arm/Disarm
    • Shock & Movement Sensors
    • Removable Alarm Module

    Weight: 21 ounces (620g)
    Pin Diameter: 10mm - 3/8"
    Double locking: Yes
    Throat (back of pin to back of lock): 46mm - 1-13/16"
    Body width: 56mm - 2.20"
    Body length: 87mm - 3.42"
    Body height: 56mm - 2.20"
    Body height 56mm - 2.20"
    Alarm 120dB
    Battery (included) CR2 (Lithium)

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