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Tourmaster Synergy BT Pro-Plus 12v Heated Pants

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    SKU: RWTM8771 Tourmaster Synergy BT Pro-Plus 12v Heated Pants

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    Tourmaster Synergy Pro-Plus BT 12v Heated Pants
    Unisex - Black


    Bring the heat with the Tourmaster Synergy BT Pro-Plus 12V Heated Pants. Carbon fiber heating elements run from thigh to shin at the front of the pants to help keep your legs warm where it matters most. Select from high, medium, and low using either the built-in smart soft touch controller or Bluetooth controlled app. With the included wire harness* you will have everything you need to get up and running on your 12V machine without needing to purchase any other accessories. However, for added convenience and wider application, these pants are compatible with the optional Tour Master Synergy BT Pro-Plus 12V Lithium Ion Battery.

    The Synergy BT Pro-Plus system is designed to work with the 12V power system of your bike, ATV/UTV, snowmobile, or any other 12V vehicle. With the optional battery pack and charger, you can expand its use to nearly any application, and get the most out of your heated gear.

    • 100% Polyester wind and water-resistant soft-shell fabric front panel
    • Nylon/spandex rear compression panel
    • 100% Polyester microfleece fixed liner
    • Thigh to shin flexible carbon fiber heating elements
    • Dual control option: Built-in 3-setting LED smart soft touch controller or Bluetooth controlled APP
    • Integrated microprocessor and thermal cut-off
    • 12v DC / 38.4w draw / 3.2a current
    • Heat settings: high (126°f/52°c), medium (113°f/45°c), low (100°f/38°c)
    • Dual-power option: 12v direct-to-bike or available 12v Lithium battery
    • Integrated and concealed battery harness and insole/sock connectors
    • Includes battery harness and safety fuse
    • Machine washable & dryer safe

    About Bluetooth connectivity with heated gear.
    The immediate question most ask, including our product review staff at Cyclebitz, is why control heated gear with your phone?
    It seems to be redundant when there is already a controller integrated into the heated jacket, vest, pants or gloves. But it actually does make a lot of sense and more so when several heated garments are operated together.
    While riding, it isn't always easy to reach for the control button on the garment. Instead, you can control every single one of your connected heated garments from one convenient control screen.

    * Consult your vehicle manual, or ask your mechanic, to make sure your vehicle's charging system has sufficient power.

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